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Bremerton's MAXRPM Motorsports offers Dyno Tuning services for the following; New engine break-in, customized tuning, drive-ability diagnostics, before and after pulls, dyno rental.

Dyno Tuning and Diagnostics

Performance enthusiasts might wonder how some companies can claim that their power upgrade kits are superior to others. To properly address the issue, MAXRPM Motorsports believes that it is first necessary to have a basic understanding of chassis dynamometer testing and its intricacies. It also helps to be familiar with a few of the compromises which are made to meet performance and emissions standards while also staying mindful of the important effects on vehicle safety and durability. MAXRPM Motorsports has also teamed up with many companies for customized tuning one of them being Level1tec.

Chassis Dynamometers

These days, there are two main types of so-called “dynos”, or chassis dynamometers: eddy-current dynos and inertia dynos. The former absorbs power and measures it via the rotation of a metallic disc in a magnetic fiel... Read More

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