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About Level1Tec

About Level1Tec

Our company has years of reliable professional experience and has one of a kind professional team.
Level1tec performance tuning company is a network of extremely professional automotive specialists that do tuning for applications such as cars, marine, trucks and more. Every company that forms a part of the network has the necessary skills and the required knowledge to guarantee that the engine performance of your application and will surpass your expectations. If you’re seeking any ECU remapping or tuning, chip purchase and custom research and design you will want to talk to level1tec.

When it comes to level1tec tuning we are among the leading companies of ECU remapping, motor, or vehicle and car tuning. Our chip tuning products and level1tec tuning services have been developed over many years of experience using only the cutting edge of ECU remapping and engine tuning software and development procedures. Level1’s team comprises of some of the industry’s top tuning experts which stretch around the world. Our level1tec tuning product range and services are second to none. Our quest for perfection and quality has made us become among the most reliable tuning provider around the world.

We actively promote companies we work with, since we believe this really reinforces the integrity of our products and services when it comes to level1tec tuning. Working alongside popular names in motorsport, you can be completely confident that the kind of tuning we provide will deliver proven results, and perfect reliability. These are only some of the qualities which have made us a valued name in the tuning industry. Level1 has established itself successfully as one of the best vehicle tuning companies across the globe, now supporting numerous dealers in different countries. We have made a name and reputation for offering research, private project consultation and development with the use of level1tec Network to various worlds’ top automotive brands in manufacturers, vehicle stylists, race teams and tuners alike.

As an ECU remapping and car tuning company, we offer the driver various choices in the types of files which can be supplied. Why have off-the-shelf tune when you can easily have a bespoke product completely suited to your requirements? Level1 customer service will help you select your requirements, be it performance chip tuning, power, motorsport remapping or fuel economy tuning, while if you choose our services you can switch between settings of your choice.

Our customer service and quality is second to none. Level1tec offers 100% satisfaction where ECU remapping and chip tuning service is concerned. All our products and services are thoroughly tested and assessed for top level functioning, durability and performance. Keep in mind that your vehicle is among the most important purchases you can make. Therefore, don’t settle for less.

Stop By Level1tec Auto Performance Shop
We have teamed up with MAXRPM Motorsports and are using there facility for our research and development. You are more than welcome to stop by and tour this ultimate state of the art tuning and research facility. We guarantee you will be impressed.

2320 6th St Bremerton, WA 98312
Mon - Fri: 8AM - 6 PM
Sat - Sun: Appointment Only
Tech Support Hours: 24/7

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Alex Raphael - Founder/CEO of Level1Tec

Alex Raphael - Founder/CEO of Level1Tec

At the age of thirteen, Alex started tweaking on his motocross machines to give him the edge against his competitors. That passion and dedication helped him achieve numerous championships in the 125,250 and 500cc NMA Pro Series.

From there it was working at the factories as a head engine builder and R&D manager. Today that passion still thrives and over the past three decades Alex has built and developed some of the most potent engine and tuning packages for modern day sports cars and sport bikes.

'Level1tec was formed to raise the bar in tuning excellence and deliver unparalleled performance and quality in all we do'

- Alex Raphael

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Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers

Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers

Thomas A. Padilla
These guys are no joke. I tried there level1tec fluids and was absolutely blown away. Not only does there friction modifier help my Porsche with gas mileage it also increased my hp and overall performance. They definitely have the highest level of a development team that have seen. Level1tec brings products to the market that I have yet to find anywhere else in the world. Absolutely amazed!
- Australian Customer

Amy R.
I have been looking for years for a company that can offer performance for my SEA-DOO RXT-X. Level1tec has been proven by me and many other as the most reliable and ultimate option in all tuning, research and design services. As a electronic engineer I know what quality is required in electronics today. Only Level1tec has been able to meet my standards and I always recommend them to my friends.
- Nürnberg Customer

Terrence J.
I love Leve1tec. They had so many different options for me to choose from and if they didn’t have a part they went out of there way to find it for me. They have an outstanding one-of-a-kind support with no questions asked guarantees and are the only true 24/7 support department around. It is easy, affordable, and 100% effective! I will always be a customer of level1tec!
- American Customer

Marthe Deschênes
Very Impressed! That’s how I felt upon dealing with Level1tec. They simply took my breath away. WOW! I could not think of any other things to say for making my 2008 BMW 550I perform so well. Not to mention that their fees and basic pricing is really reasonable and they are always willing to work within certain budgets!
- French Customer

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Alex Raphael - Founder/CEO of Level1Tec
Alex Raphael - Founder/CEO of Level1Tec
Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers
Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers
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Level1tec of Bremerton, WA
Level1tec of Bremerton, WA

Level1tec 360-373-6758

Click to Call: 360-373-6758

2320 6th St Bremerton, WA 98312

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